Ryan Cleary logs – Part 1

24 Jun

If you don’t know why this is being posted read http://pastebin.com/GA2CAFTz first.

Enjoy the logs, more to come.

I realize that it might be hard to believe plain text logs, but i’ve been sitting on these for a couple of weeks and forgot to take screenshots at the time.

“Cantebury” raised a valid question in the comments so I thought I’d answer here as well so people can understand.
These logs are legit, I have no reason to fake them. I’ve had part 1+2 of these logs since March which can be confirmed since I tweeted about it back in early April (http://tinyurl.com/663dwen)
The reason why he was named Asher in the log up on pastebin and in the tweet is because wrong dox was found. He was believed to be Azezel, a botnet herder in the US for anonops however this turned out to be false.

He later on confirmed him self (through pm) that he was Ryan and since people kept asking who Asher was I decided to just change the name to Ryan.

I hope this will explain the stuff a little bit and show that these logs are genuine.

If you’ve read the paste bin then this screenshot tells enough.

<awinee> Maybe if you were not a retard you could figure out how to get a different ip n such to join the channel again on ur own so u dont need a bot or a little kid to do ur dirty work 🙂
<Ryan> except i’m already in that channel
<Ryan> 8   awinee          • Awww look
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • theres still a spy in this channel
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • <Ryan> maybe if you were not a retard then you could figure it out LOL
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • in my PM
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • How cute
<Ryan>  16:38   l0              • -spy-
<Ryan>  16:39   slashMav        • lol
<Ryan>  16:39   l0              › hides in the shadows.
<Ryan> maybe if you knew anything about computers
<Ryan> you wouldn’t need help

<Ryan> then again
<Ryan> that’s why you came to #jester
<Ryan> to join the rest of the nobodies / tryhards that contribute nothing
<awinee> Maybe I came here because I don’t condone anon using little kids to do their dirty work
<Ryan> like you?
<Ryan> you’re 16
<Ryan> you’re a little kid
<awinee> I’m 16?
<awinee> Wow your intel is wrong
<awinee> My dox is free on the internet and even then you fail.
<Ryan> meh i’m bored, let’s lock down that channel
<Ryan> you’re still worthless
<awinee> Not as worthless as you
<Ryan> and one of the little gullible kids you seek to protect
<awinee> Who can’t do his own hacking
<Ryan> well im running 100k bots right now
<Ryan> that i coded
<awinee> Haha
<Ryan> what are you doing?
<awinee> Grats
<Ryan> * vibot|THA|XP|131448 (vibot262-2@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|TUR|XP|256312 (vibot262-1@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|VEN|XP|281102 has quit (Client exited)
<Ryan> * vibot|CZE|XP|281059 has quit (Client exited)
<Ryan> * vibot|GRC|XP|237694 has quit (Client exited)
<Ryan> * vibot|GRC|7|275797 (vibot262-2@athedsl-111557.home.otenet.gr) has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|TUR|7|132122 (vibot262-2@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|TUR|7|135692 (vibot262-2@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|ITA|Vista|202186 has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Ryan> * vibot|SVK|XP|221357 (vibot262-1@bband-dyn187.95-103-166.t-com.sk) has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|ISR|XP|184020 (vibot262-2@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|GRC|XP|147666 (vibot262-2@ has joined #bridge
<Ryan> * vibot|AUT|Vista|271116 (vibot262-1@188-23-200-1.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #bridge
<Ryan> precisely
<Ryan> i actually have intellect
<Ryan> whereas
<Ryan> you do not
<Ryan> haha bots incoming?
<Ryan> nono
<Ryan> ddos incoming brah
<Ryan> LOL
<awinee> I’m so scared right now.
<Ryan> Connected to collective.2600.com (
<Ryan> Escape character is ‘^]’.
<Ryan> ERROR :All connections in use
<Ryan> Connection closed by foreign host.
<awinee> You must think ur pretty cool
<Ryan> i am
<Ryan> pretty damn cool
<awinee> Yep
<awinee> I think your cool too 🙂
<awinee> Not.
<Ryan> at least we accomplish something
<Ryan> what does anyone in #jester accomplish?
<awinee> What do you accomplish?
<awinee> Nothing
<Ryan> except for jester being fail and wrapping a pretty gui against 3 year old code (slowloris)
<awinee> You tell kids its safe to loic
<awinee> Ye ok
<Ryan> it is safe to loic
<awinee> HAHA
<Ryan> because we back it up with bots
<awinee> good joke asher
<awinee> You know, you are right. Anon acomplished something.
<awinee> But now they are just trying to do things that have nothing to do with those goals
<awinee> Making kids do your dirty work, while you sit back and do fuck all aint how I roll.
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> does it look like i’m using kids to do my dirty work? no
<Ryan> anon is not a group, it’s a collection of groups, a collection of people running ops and other people joining causes they like
<awinee> Read the channel, was it your useless bots? 🙂
<Ryan> ive not attacked your site
<Ryan> but
<Ryan> that’s actually a great idea
<awinee> My site? 🙂
<awinee> It was asherah asking
<awinee> But ok 🙂
<Ryan> as in
<Ryan> 2600.net right
<Ryan> ?
<Ryan> see how long it takes them to ask your channel to vacate the network etc
<awinee> I don’t have a channel on 2600.net but ok
<Ryan> #jester
<awinee> not my channel
<Ryan> poor l0
<awinee> I facepalm at your foolishness
<awinee> First you fail to understand who I am
<awinee> Then you fail to understand this aint my channel
<awinee> So that’s what you can do?
<awinee> You can spawn 10 bots in a channel?
<Ryan> that was to lock the channel down
<Ryan> most of them can’t get in because you can’t connect to the irc right now as all connections are in use
<awinee> So how’s your sisters tramp stamp?
<awinee> Not hurting your feelings now am I?
<Ryan> i can see from your attempts to troll that you’re probably butthurt/mad so i win
<awinee> Yes I’m butthurt because your attacking 2600.net and joined with 10 bots into #jester
<awinee> I’m so upset
<Ryan> sorry just removing your pastebin
<Ryan> done
<awinee> How cute
<awinee> I’ll just re-upp it
<awinee> No biggue
<awinee> biggie
<Ryan> aight link me when you’re done bro
<awinee> Sure thing bro
<awinee> http://pastebin.com/dNhCQzVk
<awinee> there you go bro
<Ryan> thx
<Ryan> gone bro
<Ryan> control the flow of information amirite
<Ryan> we have access to everything, you should know this
<awinee> Ah don’t worry.
<awinee> Where you are going, the only thing your gonna have acces to is to a dick up your ass.
<awinee> #justsayin
<Ryan> been doin this for 10 years
<awinee> Yep, and now you’ve been doxed 🙂
<Ryan> not hard
<Ryan> can google me
<awinee> Ok let me rephrase this. Now you fucked with the wrong kind of ppl 🙂
<awinee> Enjoy life in prison pal
<Ryan> the wrong kind of people?
<Ryan> says the random dutch kid that got caught
<Ryan> good luck
<awinee> Yep, do you know why I got caught?
<Ryan> i took down quantico.usmc.mil
<Ryan> i think
<Ryan> us gov>you
<Ryan> as i said
<Ryan> 10 years bro
<awinee> Thank’s for that
<awinee> You know up untill the wikileaks part I was pretty much pro-anon ? 🙂
<awinee> But seeing tards like you think they can do anything they want
<awinee> telling kids its ok to loic and that its safe while it’s not
<Ryan> i can do anything i want
<awinee> Made me go to good ppl
<awinee> Oh ye
<awinee> In prison you cant tho
*part removed*
<Ryan> buy yourself
<Ryan> something nice
<awinee> Btw to your butthurt comment
<awinee> I’m pretty sure your sister is the only one butthurt 🙂
<Ryan> post your shit anyway bro
<Ryan> we control all the information
<awinee> Man, you don’t even control the dick you will receive in prison.
<Ryan> pastee.org
<Ryan> oops
<Ryan> im going to card
<Ryan> a few thousand $
<Ryan> to
<Ryan> wounded warrior project
<Ryan> courtesy of #jester
<Ryan> LOL
<Ryan> it costs them money when it gets chargedback
<awinee> Good so admitting to fraud aswell
<awinee> sweet
<Ryan> ya
<Ryan> fraud
<Ryan> i even
<Ryan> distributed CP
<Ryan> through my bots
<Ryan> i farm
<Ryan> bitcoin through them too
<Ryan> uh
<Ryan> email spam
<Ryan> ddos
<Ryan> i steal
<Ryan> accounts / emails / paypals / cards / banks
<Ryan> i install malware for other people
<Ryan> i turn bots into proxies and sell those
<Ryan> all kinds of shit man
<Ryan> sometimes
<Ryan> i’ll look for the israeli bots
<Ryan> and randomly wipe their HDs because they’re israeli
<Ryan> 😦
<awinee> Obvious troll is obvious
<awinee> #failmore
<Ryan> let me in #jester so i can direct my peons directly
<awinee> So, your bots are out
<awinee> Can’t read what I’m saying can you ? 😦
<Ryan> no you kicked my spy
<Ryan> it was joepie91
<Ryan> nah jk it was giorgo
<awinee> Nah jk it was 2 more 🙂
<Ryan> it was l0 all along
<Ryan> but he timed out and cant give me info anymore
<Ryan> invite l0 to the chan
<Ryan> so we can resume
<Ryan> spy operations


3 Responses to “Ryan Cleary logs – Part 1”

  1. pilgrim June 24, 2011 at 8:26 pm #

    way to go awinee 🙂

    • Cantebury June 25, 2011 at 1:45 am #

      Awinee, you’re so full of shit

      if you’ve been sitting on them for “a couple of weeks”

      why does this pastebin calling “Ryan”, asher appear in May 10th?


      furthermore in your twitter you revealed “asher” as azazel, an american


      “@real_j35t3r Also, you mean Azezel, the
      american who said i piss on american soldiers graves? He’s just as pathetic as you.”

      • awineee June 25, 2011 at 2:02 am #

        I’ve been sitting on them for a couple of weeks indeed. Infact they date back to early April if not before that. (btw a couple means two, so if they were two weeks old it would still be A COUPLE of weeks old). Btw, if you will check out the tweet link that you posted your self, you will see the date is April 9th. So this confirms I have been sitting on them for quite a while.

        Now, the reason it was posted on may 10th is because I shared it with a couple of people on IRC. As you can see, it only has about 100 views.
        As to why he’s called Asher in those logs and Ryan in the ones I posted now is simple: People don’t seem to understand that this is Ryan. So instead of having to tell them every time I changed Asher to Ryan.

        You are correct, I did think for a while that Asher was Azazel, an American (props to Backtracesec for doing some awesome doxing). However people can be wrong, can’t they? So it turned out later that he wasn’t, but was actually Ryan – confirmed via various methods and also confirmed by him self to me in PM – and I don’t really feel like going back down my twitter stream and remove one tweet that was wrong.

        Did I provide enough details now, or would you like me to provide more?

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