Ryan Cleary logs – Part 2

25 Jun

As promised, part 2 of the logs. If you have not read the first part please do so first so you get the whole picture.

<Ryan> afk watching house
<awinee> Aww, no more fun?
<awinee> How’s the your sister coping with the tramp stamp
<Ryan> i dont have a sister
<awinee> Ow look who’s there
<awinee> Did I miss anything
<awinee> So, you’ve been running bots since you were 12 years old? 🙂
<Ryan> suddenly im 22?
<awinee> Oh am I wrong?
<Ryan> usually people play the doxing game with actual dox, not guessing
<awinee> Oh I dont have to dox
<Ryan> you just have to
<Ryan> say i have a sister and then
<Ryan> say i’m 22
<awinee> Not really doxing
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> saying random things with no factual basis
<awinee> Oh really 🙂
<awinee> What do you know
<awinee> I mean, if you wern’t so stupid u’d still be in #jester and u’d be able to read things
<awinee> But instead you choose to be stupid and retarded
<awinee> Just like you think you’ve been doing this for 10 years
<awinee> Hello skiddie
<Ryan> i am in #jester
<awinee> Oh ye, proof it
<Ryan> im the one with 100k online
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> wait you kicked my spy remember?
<awinee> OH wait, so your NOT in #jester
<Ryan> i had to ask my spy
<Ryan> not in #jester 😦
<awinee> Awww, I’m sorry.
<awinee> Can I call you Switch ?
<Ryan> LOL
<Ryan> lOl
<Ryan> im not switch
<Ryan> switch isnt a fan of anonops
<Ryan> at least i dont think he is
<Ryan> switch is pretty much gzlined / ban on sight
<Ryan> at anonops
<Ryan> and switch doesnt have 100k
<Ryan> he has
<Ryan> 300 rxbot
<Ryan> LOL
<Ryan> try harder bro
<awinee> Not even trying
<awinee> I’m just eating my dinner
<awinee> I’m still waiting for you to take things down
<awinee> Wernt you gonna take things down?
<Ryan> oh yeah
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> what does #jester own
<Ryan> ?
<Ryan> LOL poor pastee is still down
<Ryan> prolly got nullrouted
<Ryan> http://2600.net/
<Ryan> nullin shit all day nigga
<awinee> gz little attention needing person 🙂
<awinee> ull get all the attention you want in jail, im sure the nigga’s there will love ur sorry ass.
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> there are no cyber laws in my country
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> you threatening that all day
<Ryan> really doesn’t bother me
<Ryan> for i am untouchable here
<Ryan> :_
<Ryan> http://th3j35t3r.wordpress.com/
<awinee> You do know FBI has offices all around the world? 🙂
<awinee> Also, Europol and Interpol
<awinee> they will still get you in serbia
<Ryan> the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction here nor an extradition treaty
<Ryan> not in serbia
<Ryan> lol
<Ryan> god you suck at this game
<awinee> Actually, you suck at this game
<awinee> You just keep giving me details, and details, and more details, and then you give me more doxing info and more 🙂
<Ryan> my dox can be googled if you know what to google
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> what are you faggots going to do
<Ryan> send me pizza?
<awinee> Isn’t that what anon does?:)
<Ryan> the law can’t touch me so what the fuck can you faggots do
<Ryan> nothin
<awinee> Haha, keep thinking that buddie
<Ryan> i can hold down any site i want for any period of time
<awinee> Haha
<awinee> You make me giggle
<Ryan> pretentious typing makes you seem intelligent imo
<Ryan> as i said
<Ryan> try hard
<awinee> No really, you do make me giggle
<awinee> I giggle at your foolishness
<awinee> Btw, say hi to top for me
<Ryan> says the kid that got caught
<Ryan> top?/
<Ryan> who is top
<awinee> Topiary.
<Ryan> OH
<Ryan> oh i will
<awinee> You do realize that wordpress will just kick you off and it comes back up within the huor? 🙂
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> except
<Ryan> that didn’t really happen with backtrace did it
<Ryan> backtrace had two wordpress blogs
<awinee> Haha, you do realize backtrace just switched sites
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> they’re on dreamhost
<Ryan> which i know someone who works there
<Ryan> and where
<Ryan> i have their phone #
<Ryan> theyre on the queue
<Ryan> do not worry
<Ryan> but
<Ryan> playing with you guys
<Ryan> is way more fun for now
<Ryan> wordpress kicked backtrace off
<Ryan> because
<Ryan> for some odd reason
<Ryan> wordpress doesnt like it when one site brings down 500k blogs
<awinee> Haha, you do realize your merely playing with “us guys”
<awinee> I’m more playing with you
<Ryan> im just happy to be talkin to someone
<Ryan> like
<Ryan> i was getting into banter with that kalypto kid
<Ryan> we nullrouted his site, his vpn
<Ryan> his wordpress blog
<Ryan> then suddenly
<Ryan> he rage deletes his twitter
<Ryan> his youtube account
<Ryan> and is like
<Ryan> OH WOW
<Ryan> he wasn’t even a target, he was just someone to fuck with on a friday night when i had nothing better to do 😦
<awinee> Good for you 🙂
<awinee> I bet you never have anything to do, on any given night
<awinee> That’s probably because your quite pathetic, being around what 20 years old
<awinee> Playing the pro skiddie
<Ryan> in a couple hours my friend is coming over
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> i am the pro skiddie son
<Ryan> i run a 100k net
<awinee> No, not really 🙂
<Ryan> i probably make
<Ryan> more money
<Ryan> than
<awinee> You keep bragging about that 100k
<Ryan> everyone in #jester combined
<awinee> But you don’t have even 50k
<awinee> Haha, gratz
<awinee> You dont EARN money
<awinee> you STEAL it
<Ryan> why dont you ask
<Ryan> 2600
<Ryan> or
<Ryan> jester
<Ryan> or pastee
<Ryan> how many ips are hitting them right now
<awinee> Your a worthless piece of scum who can’t make a living on his own 🙂
<Ryan> stealin
<Ryan> who cares
<Ryan> see
<Ryan> unlike you
<Ryan> i stick to my morals
<Ryan> you were once an anon
<Ryan> but then
<Ryan> the police scared your mummy into scaring you into being a good boy
<awinee> HAHA
<Ryan> you probably had a teary in the station
<awinee> you think the police scared me?
<Ryan> and your mother forgave you
<Ryan> and told you to stop being naughty on the internet
<Ryan> you said you were sorry
<Ryan> you hugged
<Ryan> etc
<awinee> HAHA
<awinee> I lol’d
<awinee> Keep thinking that bro
<awinee> Keeeeep thinking that 🙂
<Ryan> update:/var/log/nginx# wc -l localhost*
<Ryan>    614425 localhost.access.log
<Ryan>    798983 localhost.access.log.1
<Ryan>     13516 localhost.access.log.10.gz
<Ryan>     14325 localhost.access.log.11.gz
<Ryan>     12600 localhost.access.log.12.gz
<Ryan>     11334 localhost.access.log.13.gz
<Ryan>     23143 localhost.access.log.14.gz
<Ryan>     35246 localhost.access.log.15.gz
<Ryan>     63672 localhost.access.log.16.gz
<Ryan>     46824 localhost.access.log.2.gz
<Ryan>     48023 localhost.access.log.3.gz
<Ryan>     24423 localhost.access.log.4.gz
<Ryan>     26668 localhost.access.log.5.gz
<Ryan>     17368 localhost.access.log.6.gz
<Ryan>     12453 localhost.access.log.7.gz
<Ryan>     11986 localhost.access.log.8.gz
<Ryan>     13629 localhost.access.log.9.gz
<Ryan>   1788618 total
<awinee> Do you really think I am scared, of anyone?
<Ryan> update:/var/log/nginx#
<Ryan> i will bro
<Ryan> yes
<Ryan> you’re only young
<Ryan> you probably cried in the station
<awinee> You don’t even know how old I am 🙂
<Ryan> and judging by your reaction
<awinee> Man, I laughed in the station
<Ryan> you confirm it
<awinee> It was funny
<Ryan> is that why you switched sides?
<Ryan> because
<Ryan> mummy and daddy
<Ryan> scared you
<Ryan> you needed a tissue
<awinee> No, I’ll tell you why I switched sides
<awinee> Do you know the first thing I did when I was released?
<Ryan> because you’re a little bitc
<awinee> I logged onto anon
<Ryan> anyway you really didn’t have any power or access or any role to play in anon
<Ryan> so
<awinee> Do you know what made me change ?
<Ryan> no loss to us
<Ryan> the police making you cry
<Ryan> ?
<awinee> Haha that’s a good one
<awinee> No, retards like you
<awinee> Who ruin anon
<Ryan> you mean
<awinee> Who only fight for them selfs, not for the cause
<Ryan> people like me who power anon
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> well i actually host half of anonops
<Ryan> and own the domains
<awinee> Haha, all you do is bringing it down
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> all the ddos that goes on
<Ryan> is pretty much my bots
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> i do more
<Ryan> for the causae
<Ryan> cause*
<Ryan> than you ever did
<awinee> Haha, all you do is bring anon down
<Ryan> how so?
<Ryan> every op we have is a success
<Ryan> what do you guys in #jester do
<Ryan> nothing
<Ryan> because
<awinee> All your ops are failure
<Ryan> apart from the fact that none of you can actually code, exploit, fuck even troll properly
<awinee> None of them ever where a success
<awinee> Did you get manningo ut?
<awinee> No
<Ryan> theres around 5 of you
<awinee> Did you ever get wikileaks off the hook?
<awinee> No
<Ryan> no but i had lulz taking down quantico
<Ryan> its all about the lulz
<awinee> you didn’t even take down quantico
<Ryan> really?
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> watch
<Ryan> http://quantico.usmc.mil/
<Ryan> its up
<Ryan> now
<Ryan> watch it go down
<Ryan> 🙂
<awinee> Oh, wait. It’s still up
<Ryan> exactly
<awinee> Sorry, you fail
<Ryan> owait sorry ubadtroll
<Ryan> It’s not just you! http://quantico.usmc.mil looks down from here.
<Ryan> http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://quantico.usmc.mil/
<awinee> Sorry, It’s still loading here
<Ryan> k
<awinee> #fail
<Ryan> #troll
<Ryan> breh
<Ryan> my ddoses make the news
<Ryan> as i said
<Ryan> if you knew what to google
<Ryan> you could find me
<awinee> All that will make the news
<Ryan> let me guess
<Ryan> prison in a country that has
<awinee> Is “wannabe skiddie arrested for taking down .mil site”
<Ryan> no views on cybercrime
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> no extradition treaty with the usa
<Ryan> and
<awinee> Haha, you really think the FBI can’t get you there? 🙂
<Ryan> the us is pretty much regarded here
<Ryan> as fucking infidels
<Ryan> yes i really think that
<Ryan> here they would cut americans heads off let alone let them arrest one of their own
<Ryan> i piss on american soldiers graves
<awinee> Good job being disrispectfull
<awinee> Your prolly in some3rd world country
<Ryan> i am indeed
<Ryan> but
<Ryan> i steal enough money from stupid americans who cant keep their computers clean
<Ryan> to live a nice lifestyle
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> really
<Ryan> me living in a 3rd world country
<Ryan> i probably have a better lifestyle than you, living in a 1st world country
<Ryan> how does that make you feel
<awinee> haha, I doubt you live better tahn me 🙂
<awinee> But hey must be fun around pakistan
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> you live with mummy
<Ryan> and daddy
<awinee> Ye, because atleast I have them
<awinee> Unlike you
<awinee> Because they were probably hang by your silly goverment
<awinee> Oh wait
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> whilst im driving my cayman
<Ryan> you are
<Ryan> crying in police stations
<awinee> Haha
<Ryan> and generally getting out trolled on irc
<awinee> Why  on earth would I want to drive such an ugly car
<awinee> HAHA
<awinee> wait
<awinee> you think your TROLLINg me?
<awinee> HAHA
<Ryan> my cayman probably costs more than your dad makes in a year
<Ryan> jsyk
<awinee> Haha
<awinee> Your cayman probably is stolen
<awinee> Just like the rest
<Ryan> stolen from where?
<Ryan> it’s a 3rd world country
<Ryan> remember?
<Ryan> it can only be imported
<awinee> Yes, it can be stolen in another country
<awinee> Dumbass
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> it was stolen in
<Ryan> im pretty sure only the usa
<Ryan> manufactures them
<Ryan> (could be wrong)
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> i had someone
<Ryan> steal it
<Ryan> then export it
<Ryan> but
<Ryan> it magically
<Ryan> got past customs
<awinee> Haha
<awinee> Ok, you sir
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> cool
<awinee> Are a bad troll
<Ryan> you sir
<awinee> Please keep thinking you have a cayman
<Ryan> LOL keep thinking i have a cayman and living in pakistan
<Ryan> lOlOL
<Ryan> i dont drive
<Ryan> driving is for niggers
<Ryan> i cycle
<Ryan> because i care about mother earth
<Ryan> and the environment
<Ryan> anyway
<Ryan> i held down like
<Ryan> 5 servers just to prove my point to you
<Ryan> i netsplit 3 links from 2600 last night
<Ryan> i have
<Ryan> quantico, pastee, 2600 and wordpress blogs down
<Ryan> what the fuck can you do?
<Ryan> sit here and be trolled daily
<awinee> I can laugh and watch you get arrested #verysoon
<Ryan> except
<Ryan> as i keep saying
<Ryan> i cant be arrested here
<awinee> except, as I keep saying
<awinee> You can be
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> because
<Ryan> the
<Ryan> BI
<Ryan> i cba to lookup how to spell bureau
<Ryan> oh look i did it
<Ryan> has jurisdiction
<awinee> Sir, stop talking. You talk too much
<Ryan> everywhere
<awinee> It’s a tad annoying.
<Ryan> but you’re so much fun
<Ryan> you cry hard in irc
<Ryan> just like you did in the station
<awinee> I am crying ? 😀
<Ryan> i bet you made mummy cry to
<Ryan> did you have a little hug afterwords
<awinee> Oh I sure did
<Ryan> cute
<Ryan> are you a virgin?
<awinee> How’s your friend hanaa doing btw
<Ryan> whos hanaa
<Ryan> answer the question btw
<awinee> #justkeepignoring
<Ryan> are you a virgin?
<awinee> Oh I sure am
<Ryan> thought so
<awinee> I’m going to be the 80 year old virgin
<awinee> Havn’t you heard?
<awinee> I said so on CNN Live
<Ryan> not heard about you as you are nobody
<Ryan> http://open.spotify.com/track/5Nel0BdNp2qB1kcK1lmHTp
<Ryan> gotta hand it to you
<Ryan> you dutchfags are good at trance
<awinee> Thanks.
<Ryan> nevermind matias faint is apparently brazilian
<awinee> I hope u’ll be better at dodging things in jail then you are at dodging doxes here
<Ryan> ewll
<Ryan> according to you
<Ryan> im 22
<Ryan> have a sister
<Ryan> no parents though
<Ryan> and
<awinee> Nah, according to me you are a nobody
<awinee> Who soon will see the inside of a prison
<Ryan> im only 13
<Ryan> minor
<Ryan> ill get away with it
<Ryan> oh wait
<Ryan> as i said
<awinee> You know, dutch authorities took down a botnet that infected more than 10 million pc’s
<Ryan> been doing this for 10 years
<awinee> It won’t be a problem finding you
<Ryan> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariposa_botnet
<awinee> old
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> except
<Ryan> they didnt catch me then
<Ryan> nor the past 10 years
<awinee> Except, that wasn’t you
<Ryan> i doubt
<Ryan> #jester
<Ryan> can change that
<Ryan> except
<Ryan> i was part of ddp
<Ryan> bfsystems.net
<Ryan> whois
<Ryan> check the nameserversr
<awinee> Except, you  wernt even able to talk10 years ago
<Ryan> ni@2c7.net
<Ryan> me
<Ryan> email me brah
<Ryan> so i’ve just proved that i was apart of mariposa, clearly not nobody
<Ryan> so if the feds cant get me
<Ryan> #jester
<Ryan> has noi chance
<Ryan> lOl
<awinee> #keeponthinkingthatyouareuntouchable
<awinee> I know better 🙂
<awinee> Have a nice day sir
<Ryan> email me
<Ryan> i want you to tremble
<Ryan> at the fact that
<Ryan> i’m probably the most talented criminal you’ve ever talked to
<Ryan> go ahead
<Ryan> tell your friends
<Ryan> that you’ve met me
<awinee> HAHA
<Ryan> you meeting me is a boost to your ego
<Ryan> i give that to you for free
<awinee> All you’re gonna be talented at
<awinee> is taking it up the ass
<awinee> #justsayin
<Ryan> you talk about assholes alot
<Ryan> im pretty sure you’re gay
<awinee> mhm
<Ryan> you seem to have intimate knowledge of what happens when you get arrested
<Ryan> is that why you were scared?
<Ryan> someone fucked you in the ass
<awinee> Fuck yes
<Ryan> at the station
<awinee> Please don’t let them arrest me again
<Ryan> you loved that shit you little queer
<awinee> I don’t wanna go there again
<awinee> It’s not nice
<Ryan> aww
<Ryan> you are not even in #jester
<Ryan> you party pooper
<awinee> Oh, I arnt?
<Ryan> prove it
<Ryan> invite me
<awinee> But please, asher  don’t let them arrest me again
<Ryan> i just wanna say hey to everybody
<awinee> Not again
<Ryan> phone:      +12189368888
<Ryan> e-mail:     ni@id.ru
<Ryan> my phone number is on the anonops domain
<Ryan> dox me


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