Ryan Cleary logs – Part 3

26 Jun

And we’re at the final part of the logs and we will finish it #ryanclearystyle (I love this new hashtag!).
If you have not checked out the previous logs make sure to do so, they will sure give you a good laugh!
These logs are also available as screenshots in case anyone prefers those and they can be downloaded right here >>> DOWNLOAD.

I’d like to give special thanks to Ryan Cleary for being a complete retard, and I’d like to wish him good luck, don’t drop the soap! (JUST KIDDING).

<someone> hey ryan when are you gonna answer your phone
<Ryan> hey someone
<Ryan> when you gonna learn that
<Ryan> 3 year old dox
<Ryan> that
<Ryan> i globaled on raidchan
<Ryan> are not real
<Ryan> and that i dont have a phnie
<Ryan> ?/
<Ryan> keep callin
<Ryan> all day
<Ryan> all nite
<Ryan> thx u
<someone> the fact is they are real 😦
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> keep goin
<Ryan> then
<Ryan> big hecker
<Ryan> big hecker
<someone> says the boy who has to run a 100k botnet
<someone> to get things done
<someone> PAthethic asher
<someone> You really are pathetic.
<Ryan> jesterfag
<Ryan> keep callin
<Ryan> a number
<Ryan> thats been out
<Ryan> for
<Ryan> 3

<someone> Not a jesterfag.
<Ryan> years
<Ryan> pls
<Ryan> pls
<Ryan> pls
<someone> Please press enter more
<someone> Newfag
<someone> Who can’t hack shit
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> call me
<Ryan> all day
<Ryan> ty
<someone> talked to your mother
<someone> She wasn’t very happy
<Ryan> nice
<Ryan> how is that bitch anyway
<Ryan> she was supposed to bring me food
<Ryan> can you
<Ryan> call back
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> ask her to bring me some food
<Ryan> i feel like kfc tonight
<someone> Sure, will be some poison on there
<someone> Cus the thing is
<someone> Once I find you
<someone> Your dead
<Ryan> wait wait wait
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> let me get this straight
<Ryan> you have
<Ryan> old as fuck dox
<Ryan> that you believe
<Ryan> the # is real
<Ryan> but not the
<someone> I don’t believe it
<Ryan> 3 or 4 addresses
<Ryan> circulating
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> let alne that
<someone> It’s from anon
<someone> Who believes anon?
<Ryan> u cant evne spell properly
<someone> And please nigger
<Ryan> no it isnt
<Ryan> google
<Ryan> chanocalypse naow
<someone> You can’t spell properly
<Ryan> i droped those dox myself
<Ryan> on raidchan
<Ryan> read the irc logs on ED
<someone> Can you read nigger
<Ryan> ^_^
<someone> I said
<Ryan> <someone> Your dead
<Ryan> you’re *
<Ryan> thx
<someone> IT’s FROM ANON
<Ryan> thx
<Ryan> thx
<Ryan> thx
<Ryan> thx
<someone> Haha
<Ryan> ur so soft
<someone> That means you are actually from the UK
<someone> thanks for confirming
<Ryan> pillow soft
<Ryan> for knowing how to speak proper english?
<Ryan> ya
<Ryan> ur rite
<Ryan> americans are dumb and fat
<someone> No the way you type
<Ryan> come at me
<Ryan> pillow soft
<someone> Are you still gonna piss on dead soldiers graves?
<Ryan> fuck yes jesterfag
<someone> When they tie you up with tairips
<Ryan> anyway
<someone> and put you in a confined jail?
<Ryan> its
<Ryan> 8pm here
<Ryan> and i want to watch
<Ryan> family guy
<Ryan> in bed
<Ryan> with cornetto ice cream
<Ryan> and a cigarette
<Ryan> god that sounds good
<someone> 8pm = uk time.
<someone> Another confirmation
<Ryan> not
<Ryan> a
<Ryan> secret
<Ryan> that
<Ryan> im
<Ryan> in
<Ryan> the
<Ryan> uk
<Ryan> bro
<Ryan> gj
<Ryan> fuck man
<Ryan> ur deep
<Ryan> down the road
<someone> Will be when I set foot in your house 🙂
<Ryan> to doxing me
<Ryan> !!!!!!
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> well
<someone> I don’t have to dox you
<Ryan> please hurry up
<someone> I have people doing that for me
<Ryan> oh ok
<Ryan> im waiting
<Ryan> to be entertained
<Ryan> you are worthless
<Ryan> and a nobody
<Ryan> anothyer
<Ryan> chat
<Ryan> soft pillow chats
<someone> Your a nobody
<Ryan> atm
<Ryan> come ta me
<someone> Who can’t hack for shit
<Ryan> you’re*
<someone> Thats why he runs a silly botnet
<someone> And distributes child porn
<Ryan> http://mpes.pentagon.af.mil/CFIDE/cfarray.cfm
<Ryan> ya
<Ryan> oop
<Ryan> wrong paste
<Ryan> LOL
<Ryan> was doing to
<Ryan> dos
<Ryan> you
<Ryan> from
<Ryan> the pentagon
<Ryan> anyway bro
<Ryan> bed
<Ryan> ice cream
<Ryan> famguy
<someone> Haha
<Ryan> cigarette
<someone> dos me?
<someone> HAHA
<Ryan> that pentagon
<Ryan> shell
<Ryan> is
<Ryan> uncapped at the switch
<Ryan> it can push
<Ryan> several gigabit
<Ryan> lol
<Ryan> the pentagon has nice upstreams
<someone> ur a 16 year old kid
<someone> been past ur bed time
<someone> go to bed little kid
<someone> Cya soon
<Ryan> 16
<Ryan> wow man
<Ryan> my odx say
<Ryan> im 17
<Ryan> JEEZE
<someone> btw That’s not the pentagon
<someone> just saying
<someone> tard =)
<Ryan> right
<Ryan> apparently
<Ryan> u cant read
<Ryan> pentagon.af.mil
<Ryan> its
<someone> af.mil
<someone> is not
<someone> pentagon
<someone> it’s
<Ryan> the mpes system for the air force
<someone> AIRFORCE
<Ryan> which
<Ryan> is hosted
<Ryan> on
<Ryan> pentagon
<Ryan> address
<Ryan> space
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> is
<Ryan> part of the pentagon
<Ryan> lol
<Ryan> sorry
<someone> can
<Ryan> busy
<someone> you
<Ryan> ovening
<someone> stop
<someone> typing
<Ryan> air force
<someone> like
<someone> a
<someone> retard
<Ryan> members
<Ryan> the mpes
<Ryan> i can dox
<Ryan> any
<someone> you can’t dox anyone
<Ryan> armed forces
<Ryan> personeel
<Ryan> personnel
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> well
<someone> You can’t even dox jester
<Ryan> apparently
<Ryan> neither can u
<someone> tard
<Ryan> who is jester?
<someone> Im not even trying
<Ryan> nobody cares
<Ryan> about that kid
<Ryan> a kid that
<someone> btw
<someone> It’s not part of the pentagon
<Ryan> makes a pretty gui for slowloris
<someone> HAHA
<Ryan> and slowpost
<someone> ye its a gui for slowloris man
<someone> That’s why none can remake it
<someone> And ye man via tor
<someone> HAHA
<Ryan> jester is old news
<someone> What are you for a hacker then?
<someone> 100k botnet
<Ryan> nobody cares about that cunt
<someone> And still you fail
<someone> You can’t even get into sony
<Ryan> orly
<Ryan> http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2011/04/30/major-system-wide-outage/
<Ryan> i will
<Ryan> deal
<Ryan> with
<Ryan> #jester
<Ryan> after
<Ryan> my beddie and ice cream
<Ryan> afk for real~
<someone> HAHA
<someone> you can’t even deal with anons
<someone> You cant even call your self hacker because your just a skiddie
<someone> who lives with his mommy
<someone> Please ryan, tell me when your back
<someone> Can’t wait for the fun
<Ryan> am here SUP
<someone> So when does the fun start?
<someone> I mean you tell other people they arnt real hackers
<someone> While all you do is run a botnet
<someone> Any retard can send a botnet to attack a site.
<someone> I mean seriously, you can’t even deface opanonymous.com
<someone> fuck, you can’t even deface anonops
<someone> If you have beef. #Awinee – @2600.net you know where to find me.
<someone> Douche.
<Awinee> still waiting faggot
<Awinee> ey retard, how does it feel knowing your last minutes are coming
<Ryan> lol
<Ryan> little ethug kid
<Ryan> do u feel hard oni rc
<Ryan> i love this
<Ryan> everytime i do something lulzy
<Ryan> little thug groups
<Ryan> say the same shit
<Ryan> months later still sayin the same shit
<Ryan> you make my day good sir
<Awinee> haha
<Awinee> says the ethug who steals creditcard info
<Awinee> and bank info
<Awinee> bet you 10 pound ur some fat useless fuck who can’t do anything but talk big on the internet
<Awinee> why don’t you drop by on #awinee @2600.net
<Awinee> We’d love your company.
<Ryan> why
<Ryan> cos
<Ryan> ur bad a trolling
<Ryan> so
<Ryan> uneed
<Ryan> ur pals
<Ryan> ?
<Awinee> i don’t need my palls
<Awinee> im not even trolling
<Awinee> We’d just love your company.
<Ryan> there u go
<Ryan> i dropped by
<Awinee> thats all u can do?
<Awinee> show off some bots that you didn’t even code?
<Ryan> i could nullroute that entire network if you like
<Ryan> i didnt even code it lol?
<Awinee> Your too stupid to even realise the ‘pentagon’ thing you linked last night is not real.
<Awinee> so yes.
<Ryan> i coded my bot in a day
<Ryan> lol
<Awinee> No
<Awinee> actually ou didnt
<Awinee> You bought it
<Awinee> All you can do is showoff that you have a botnet
<Awinee> It’s pathetic ryan
<Awinee> Learn to hack for real.
<Ryan> bought iut
<Ryan> lol
<Ryan> ol
<Ryan> ool
<Ryan> plo
<Ryan> i rooted
<Ryan> all of anonops
<Ryan> iu
<Ryan> juacked
<Ryan> all their domains
<Ryan> i raped
<Ryan> hosting24
<Ryan> and
<Ryan> doxed riotday
<Ryan> and fucked his forum
<Awinee> wow, so good.
<Ryan> http://www.opanonymous.com/
<Ryan> im boss
<Awinee> You rooted something you had full acces too
<Ryan> who ru
<Ryan> i had full access to nothing?
<Ryan> ll
<Ryan> i was an irc operator
<Awinee> Haha good joke
<Awinee> You had acces to everything
<Awinee> you owned 2 of the domains
<Awinee> And had full server acces
<Awinee> you were the go-2 guy because the rest was even worse in hacking besides sabu and kayla
<Awinee> compared to you those 2 are impressive tho
<Awinee> least they managed to hack sony
<Awinee> unlike you, who can only send his botnet onto something
<Ryan> uh
<Ryan> sony wasnt done by anyone
<Ryan> sabu is
<Awinee> Er
<Ryan> some mexican who cant even root a 2007 kernel
<Awinee> your intel sucks.
<Ryan> sabu is a worthless fuck
<Awinee> Not as worthless as you tho
<Ryan> your intel sucks sir
<Ryan> sabu is my pet
<Ryan> he knows it
<Ryan> 🙂
<Awinee> Sabu and kayla managed to get into sony
<Awinee> Where as\
<Awinee> YOU cant even get sony down
<Ryan> why
<Ryan> are u name dropping
<Ryan> kayla
<Ryan> when i can just
<Ryan> message her rihgt now
<Ryan> and have her
<Ryan> laugh at you
<Ryan> all day
<Ryan> rofl
<Awinee> Why are you thinking I c are?
<Awinee> we know who kayla is
<Awinee> Oh btw
<Awinee> you were reported to the DoD
<Awinee> Good luck being treated as a terrorist
<Awinee> Hope you can live without your burgers ❤
<Ryan> LOL
<Ryan> how many times
<Ryan> do i hear
<Ryan> that
<Ryan> TO IC3
<Ryan> TO NSA
<Ryan> rifkffkfkf
<Awinee> Probably you never heard it
<Awinee> because anonymous cant report you.
<Ryan> entertain me more
<Ryan> thug
<Awinee> Entertain ME more
<Ryan> irc thug
<Awinee> HAHA
<Awinee> you keep calling me IRC thug
<Awinee> says the person who cant get money him self
<Awinee> trough legit ways
<Awinee> says the person who runs a 100k botnet and acts tough with it
<Awinee> You are the only e-thug.
<Awinee> Retard.
<Ryan> u are jelly
<Awinee> Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you can’t do anything but act tough on the internet?
<Awinee> grow some hair, ull feel better.
<Ryan> sorry
<Ryan> was
<Ryan> personally calling
<Ryan> someone
<Ryan> who donated
<Ryan> $1000 to ED
<Ryan> with a note
<Ryan> ‘thanks for anonymous’
<Ryan> was just thanking him for his contribution
<Awinee> Glad you fell for that =)
<Ryan> lol?
<Ryan> oh noo
<Ryan> u have
<Ryan> my voice
<Ryan> i get on skype
<Ryan> and cam
<Ryan> all the time
<Ryan> lol
<Awinee> Oh wanna cam with me?
<Awinee> let’s cam on tinychat bro
<Awinee> No?
<Ryan> not really im incredibly busy and dont have time to put tinychat up to watch you jerk off
<Ryan> if u want to do something
<Ryan> http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/
<Ryan> try to root it
<Ryan> exploit it
<Ryan> spam it
<Ryan> ddos it
<Ryan> 🙂
<Awinee> Man why would I do that ?
<Awinee> I don’t waste my time on worthless kids 😛
<Awinee> What’s your phone number man?
<Awinee> I’d like to call you
<Awinee> ryan the fbi just said they recognize you but couldn’t tell how.
<Ryan> what
<Ryan> oh nos
<Ryan> u
<Ryan> sent
<Ryan> a voice recording
<Ryan> to the fbi
<Awinee> Haha your voice?
<Awinee> Retard.
<Awinee> You are the most idiotic person i’ve ever met
<Awinee> was a pleasure knowing you tho
<Awinee> They have your face.
<Awinee> They recognized that.
<Ryan> thug
<Ryan> ethug
<Ryan> ti
<Ryan> c
<Ryan> soft as a pillow


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