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Ryan Cleary logs – Part 3

26 Jun

And we’re at the final part of the logs and we will finish it #ryanclearystyle (I love this new hashtag!).
If you have not checked out the previous logs make sure to do so, they will sure give you a good laugh!
These logs are also available as screenshots in case anyone prefers those and they can be downloaded right here >>> DOWNLOAD.

I’d like to give special thanks to Ryan Cleary for being a complete retard, and I’d like to wish him good luck, don’t drop the soap! (JUST KIDDING).

<someone> hey ryan when are you gonna answer your phone
<Ryan> hey someone
<Ryan> when you gonna learn that
<Ryan> 3 year old dox
<Ryan> that
<Ryan> i globaled on raidchan
<Ryan> are not real
<Ryan> and that i dont have a phnie
<Ryan> ?/
<Ryan> keep callin
<Ryan> all day
<Ryan> all nite
<Ryan> thx u
<someone> the fact is they are real 😦
<Ryan> ok
<Ryan> keep goin
<Ryan> then
<Ryan> big hecker
<Ryan> big hecker
<someone> says the boy who has to run a 100k botnet
<someone> to get things done
<someone> PAthethic asher
<someone> You really are pathetic.
<Ryan> jesterfag
<Ryan> keep callin
<Ryan> a number
<Ryan> thats been out
<Ryan> for
<Ryan> 3
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Ryan Cleary logs – Part 2

25 Jun

As promised, part 2 of the logs. If you have not read the first part please do so first so you get the whole picture.

<Ryan> afk watching house
<awinee> Aww, no more fun?
<awinee> How’s the your sister coping with the tramp stamp
<Ryan> i dont have a sister
<awinee> Ow look who’s there
<awinee> Did I miss anything
<awinee> So, you’ve been running bots since you were 12 years old? 🙂
<Ryan> suddenly im 22?
<awinee> Oh am I wrong?
<Ryan> usually people play the doxing game with actual dox, not guessing
<awinee> Oh I dont have to dox
<Ryan> you just have to
<Ryan> say i have a sister and then
<Ryan> say i’m 22
<awinee> Not really doxing
<Ryan> well
<Ryan> saying random things with no factual basis
<awinee> Oh really 🙂
<awinee> What do you know
<awinee> I mean, if you wern’t so stupid u’d still be in #jester and u’d be able to read things
<awinee> But instead you choose to be stupid and retarded
<awinee> Just like you think you’ve been doing this for 10 years
<awinee> Hello skiddie
<Ryan> i am in #jester
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Ryan Cleary logs – Part 1

24 Jun

If you don’t know why this is being posted read http://pastebin.com/GA2CAFTz first.

Enjoy the logs, more to come.

I realize that it might be hard to believe plain text logs, but i’ve been sitting on these for a couple of weeks and forgot to take screenshots at the time.

“Cantebury” raised a valid question in the comments so I thought I’d answer here as well so people can understand.
These logs are legit, I have no reason to fake them. I’ve had part 1+2 of these logs since March which can be confirmed since I tweeted about it back in early April (http://tinyurl.com/663dwen)
The reason why he was named Asher in the log up on pastebin and in the tweet is because wrong dox was found. He was believed to be Azezel, a botnet herder in the US for anonops however this turned out to be false.

He later on confirmed him self (through pm) that he was Ryan and since people kept asking who Asher was I decided to just change the name to Ryan.

I hope this will explain the stuff a little bit and show that these logs are genuine.

If you’ve read the paste bin then this screenshot tells enough.

<awinee> Maybe if you were not a retard you could figure out how to get a different ip n such to join the channel again on ur own so u dont need a bot or a little kid to do ur dirty work 🙂
<Ryan> except i’m already in that channel
<Ryan> 8   awinee          • Awww look
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • theres still a spy in this channel
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • <Ryan> maybe if you were not a retard then you could figure it out LOL
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • in my PM
<Ryan>  16:38   awinee          • How cute
<Ryan>  16:38   l0              • -spy-
<Ryan>  16:39   slashMav        • lol
<Ryan>  16:39   l0              › hides in the shadows.
<Ryan> maybe if you knew anything about computers
<Ryan> you wouldn’t need help
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